Crystal Night, November 10, an Anniversary to Keep in Mind Today

Kristallnacht (Crystal Night)

November 9th, 1938 an event not to be forgotten in post-election euphoria or depression

Crystal Night (Kristallnacht ) was a violent riot against an ethnic group carried out by SA paramilitary forces and civilians on November 9, 1938 while authorities looked on without intervening. (The name comes from the shards of broken glass littering the streets after the ethnically-owned stores, buildings, and places of worship had their windows smashed.)

The attack was under the direction of a person elected in 1930 by promising a return to a glory that ‘only he could accomplish.’ He added heaps of vague promises, including more jobs and a solution to the immigrant problem. He pledged something for every part of society at massive rallies using simple catchphrases repeated over and over.

Happy Anniversary.


Youths attacking Jewish shops (9th November, 1938)

Partial source


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